Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Stats

A big "You're welcome!" to those who commented on the blog or contacted me directly about it.  I'm glad you enjoyed following your family/friends on the trip!

Over the course of the field trip, 379 individuals viewed the blog 3,904 times, and the average visitor viewed the blog more than three-times-a-day. Visitors to the blog came dominantly from the United States, however, given the breadth of nationalities represented on the trip (and friends and family and alumni from abroad), we also saw a significant number of visits, from Spain (Emma and Pablo?), Ireland (Adrian?), Lebanon (Emile?), United Kingdom (Peter?), Canada (Ted?), Japan (?), Germany (Miak?), and a small number of hits from eight additional countries.


  1. THANK YOU for blogging and posting! we loved following the trip from Baltimore. We're beginning to understand why Ellie has fallen in love with geology and geophysics! (part of it is the neat rocks - but a lot of it is the people and the joy of shared discovery, right?)--Meg Ferguson

  2. I'm guessing that Japan was Adrian also, his sister lives there. We were following Adrian from Ireland, NY, Florida, Pennsylvania and Boston as well! Great pictures, looks like it was an incredible trip. We are all jealous! Thanks for helping us all live vicariously! --Amy Flynn