Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Field Trip Photos

I finally had a chance to organize and post some selected photos from the field trip.

Also, if you have photos you would like to share as well, please send me a link, and I'll add it to the list of trip photo albums on the right.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Stats

A big "You're welcome!" to those who commented on the blog or contacted me directly about it.  I'm glad you enjoyed following your family/friends on the trip!

Over the course of the field trip, 379 individuals viewed the blog 3,904 times, and the average visitor viewed the blog more than three-times-a-day. Visitors to the blog came dominantly from the United States, however, given the breadth of nationalities represented on the trip (and friends and family and alumni from abroad), we also saw a significant number of visits, from Spain (Emma and Pablo?), Ireland (Adrian?), Lebanon (Emile?), United Kingdom (Peter?), Canada (Ted?), Japan (?), Germany (Miak?), and a small number of hits from eight additional countries.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Again

We're back! It was a great trip, and it's sad to see the group dispersing, but it's time to go home, unpack wet tents and sleeping bags, and take a nap... and start getting ready for next year, maybe Ann Arbor to the Florida Keys?

Thanks everyone for helping ensure this was a safe, fun, and educational trip!  See you next year!

Day 16 - Return

We've landed at Detroit Metro Airport. We'll claim our luggage, then
meet the U-M bus for the ride back to CC Little.

Return Flight

After enjoying Las Vegas for several hours, we're now waiting to board
Delta 2216 and ready to head home. After two weeks of camping and
keeping close company in the vans, no one should have trouble catching
up on their sleep on this red-eye flight ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Las Vegas

We've arrived in Las Vegas and reunited with those left from the early
van. After cleaning the vehicles out and repacking, everyone is off to
explore the city for a few hours before we all meet back up again to
head to the airport.

San Andreas Fault

Were back in the sunshine and desert now. It was too fogged in and
rainy to make the stop to view the San Andreas Fault east of the LA
area. So now it's on to Barstow for a late lunch.

Topping Up

After breakfast at Esau's Cafe for some and gas for all the vans,
we're full-up rolling toward Vegas.

Day 15 - Last Day

Our last night was full of drizzle, which has carried on and off into
morning. So, unfortunately, we'll be packing up wet gear for the trip
home. Folks are slowly rising, as we're sleeping in a bit later than
usual today though, and planning on a 9am departure. That will give us
tome for a geology stop or two on the way nack to the Las Vegas Airport.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Santa Barbara

After a dry trip so far, the rain finally caught up with us. It wasn't
raining around Santa Barbara so we pitched camp first at Carpinteria,
and then headed into town for dinner. We've taken in the view from the
pier, now we need to choose a restaurant. Meanwhile, the group that
had to go back early has arrived safely in Las Vegas. We also will be
looking to see if the grunion are running at the beach at camp later.